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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Favourite Blushers

Hi Beauties

Today, I want to show you my favourite blushers at the moment. 

The four that are my favourite(above) are Nars Deep Throat (the pinky/peachy one on the left), The GlossyBox UK free gift from the December Box(can be found here), the one at the back is from Body Shop and I've had it for years as you can see from the state of it lol! The final one is from MAC called Springsteen which I've pictured in a recent Haul post here.

I absolutely LOVE blushers and the ones above are amazing. My favourite of my favourites (think that made sense) is the Body Shop one. It is really natural looking and brightens up your skin. Sniff... I've just tried to find this beauty on the Body Shop website and it is nowhere to be found! Argh!!

Oh well, I think that I may just have to start embracing the others. I have to say I've been using a mixture of the GlossyBox one and the MAC one together recently and they have been working a charm. They look so so good together and give almost the same effect as the Body Shop one on its own.

Speak Soon

CrushedByBeauty16 xoxo

PS- I've not been endorsed by any of the brands above and bought all the products with my own money. 

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  1. The NARS blush is really pretty, definitely love it!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I definately love that blush, as it's a nice pinky colour!

  2. Nice selections! NARS Deep Throat is my all-time favourite blush :)